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This is a hobbies site and not supported by any commercial enterprise & is about Warmaster, & specifically Warmaster Ancients, - a game designed by Rick Priestley for Games Workshop in 2000 - and variations of the same including Battle of the Five Armies, in 2004, & Warmaster Ancients as published by Warhammer Historical Wargames, in 2005, plus the updates in 2006 & 2008.

This site carries just about all the information previously on and expands upon it, it would also like to including Ricks more recent work, he has been asked if he will write an update. At this present time Rick has no way of accessing his old site hence this one.

There is a vast amount of material, some published and some previously unpublished work relating to Warmaster Ancients and I have been working hard to obtain it. The first thing being done is to add some further background information to go with the lists already published. Then add more army lists, with their information. Photos to go with all old & any new army lists would be nice. (The new lists  will have to conform to  Ricks guidelines on this site.)

There is already movement afoot on the Yahoo forum in respect of the lists published with the rules, especially some of the wayward ones in Book 3, as well as those posted here, this could be good idea but I hope that before any alterations that the original producers of the list will be contacted for their input on why the army is listed as it it.

There is also mention of possible modifications to the rules themselves, so lets hope there is some discussion on the forum about this & that these changes are well play tested before there introduction & before they become 'semi-official' .  (Let's remember that any ideas that you like can be played by you be they official or not.)

As many people have sent in submissions in the form of army lists & photos to Rick for posting on his old site I have assumed, possibly incorrectly, that they would still like them to be available for publication if this is not the case please inform me & they will be removed.



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