2nd Punic War Carthaginians
219-202 BC

By Marc Adda

This army list represents the forces of Carthage during the 2nd Punic War and is a more detailed and varied list than that given in the main Warmaster rule book. The army is characterised by a large proportion of mercenaries and allies.

The Carthaginian command is one of the best (if not the best) of the period—especially in the case of Hannibal. Se we give the option to include one leader and two subordinates, all with  a value of 8 for command. The list is in some respects not as powerful as the original; however, it can be a fairly large army with sufficient command to manoeuvre adroitly where required. Contemporary opponents may be better protected and more powerful—but victory can be won with skilful manoeuvre. This is especially true of the cavalry—which are numerous—whilst the army’s numbers often make it practical to envelop the enemy on both flanks whilst the infantry keep the enemy busy in the centre.

Elephants have been included as individual units in accordance with the proposed revision to the elephant rules—if in doubt go to the Yahoo group and ask. See Links.