Antigonid Macedonian

By Richard Dive

This army lists corresponds to the final period of Macedonian rule and covers the reigns of four different Kings from Demetrios II to Perseus. Philip V and his son Perseus fought Illyrians, Celts and Greeks before finding themselves matched against the rising power of Rome.

Unike many Successor forces the army is devoid of elephants—the oldest of the herd dying before 239BC. The phalanx is by far the most important part of the army—indeed the phalanx was the army to a large extent, and much emphasis was placed upon this elite corps. The cavalry were less important than in former times only because the terrain over which the army operated did not ideally suit mounted troops. Philip still had 2000 horsemen out of a total of 20,000 troops at the battle of Kynoskephalai, whilst Perseus had 4000 cavalry at Pydna out of a total of 40,000 troops.