The Baggage Train

Another new range of good 10mm figures from The Baggage Train and this time its Huns. Once again all the figures are well cast with no mould lines, the detail is good with no flash anywhere, with flat reasonable size bases.

All the figures are all one piece castings measuring 17 1/2mm head to hoof, no foot figures have been sent for review, although in the Roman range are Early German infantry.  There is also a Sarmation cavalry range that can be used.

There is no heads on the spears which with care, and a small pair of pliers, could be made.  The horses are in a slightly crouched position but do blend in well with other manufacturers figures.

There are light cavalry skirmishing type figures and nobles for the heavy cavalry. The range also has 2 different standard bearers and an officer.

The only complaint I can see with the range is both the officers sword and the figure firing the bow have very fragile swords and bows both could well have been better is thicker.

If you ignore the points raised and you are thinking of building Huns they will look good on there own or blended in with many other manufactures so you wont be disappointed, they will look good painted. I have inserted some in my Huns and they look fine.