The Baggage Train

Another new range of 10mm figures from The Baggage Train and this time its Palmyrans. All the figures are well cast with no mould lines, the detail is good with no flash anywhere, with flat reasonable size bases, there should be no trouble painting them.

The figures are all one piece castings measuring 17 1/2mm head to hoof, although as can be seen the camel is markedly smaller.  No foot figures have been sent for review, although its possible that they will be released at a later date. So if you wish to have this army this is a shame you will need them and thus will have to go elsewhere for them, other manufacturers do produce the infantry figures so there is no problem.

You will need some cataphracts and the Parthians from The Baggage Trains Parthian range which will suit you just fine.  The Parthian lances, for those who play a lot, will bend and get bent back into shape quite a few time without breaking.

There is no spear head to either the camel nor the cavalry rider and while easy to make with care with a small pair of pliers, with a bit of filling afterwards, for the camel rider as the spear is close to the head of the horse for the cavalryman this is harder. (A little research has confirmed that camel are bigger than horses but in the main not as much as I thought.)

If you ignore the points raised and you are thinking of building Palmyrans you wont be disappointed as I'm sure they will look good painted. Once again those sent in for review have been passed to a friend to paint so when/if this is done they will be posted.