The Baggage Train

A new range of 10mm figures from a manufacturer that I haven't met before and these are Parthians, not that I go around the show much now.

All the figures are well cast with no mould lines that you can see, the detail is good, with no flash, they should paint well. The bases are a good size and with flat so no problem basing them.  The mounted figures are one piece castings measuring 18mm head to hoof.  No foot figures have been sent for review, its possible that they will be released later. This is a shame because if you fight Warmaster Ancients or Field Of Glory you will need them and will have to go elsewhere for them, other manufacturers do produce the missing figures so there is no problem.

For those who play a lot the lances will bend and get bent back into shape quite a few time without breaking, I don't break them even after about six bends backwards and forwards.  Possibly if they had have been a little shorter this might have been a little better.

I'm not sure what the standard is, possibly a 'Sun of Mithras' if so it might have been better to use what most of us think of as a Parthian standard the 'draco' or possibly the 'Golden Ear of Corn' if the idea is to provide a different standard than others on the market. (The Baggage Train have kindly said that they have produced a cataphract with a draco & these can be supplied instead of the one reviewed.)

A further point is that there is no spear head, while with care a small pair of pliers does make a respectable head, with a bit of filling afterwards, it would have been nice if this was not necessary.

If you ignore my small points and you are thinking of building Parthians you wont go far wrong buying these as I'm sure they will look good painted. Those sent in for review have been passed to a friend to do this and will be posted when done.