The “bitcoins in Australia” Affair

bitcoin casino australia

The “bitcoins in Australia” Affair

If you are thinking about playing at an Australian virtual poker room, then you are in luck. Many people are turning to the virtual world of poker because the anonymity associated with poker allows them to play in a setting that is comfortable for them. In turn, this helps them to deal with some of the problems associated with real-world gambling, such as having to provide a credit card number or account information when registering with a site.

Australian bitcoin casinos are fully legal. They have also been licensed by the regulatory bodies of the country. This is good news for many online gamblers, especially those who have fear about the security of online gambling in general. Now, the bitcoin virtual money has grown exponentially, and more online gamblers are embracing it as a form of gambling.

However, even though Australia has done well to step up its protection of online casinos, there is still no regulating body. Thus, there are still many online casinos out there that charge out-of-state residents outrageous rates to use their payment option. Worse yet, some online casinos have even resorted to including payment option fraud to extract more money from their clients. So what does this all mean for those who want to gamble in an “out of state” location like Australia?

You can find a safe and reliable place to wager in Australia just about anywhere on the Internet. Just remember that the highest interest rates and highest payout rates do not always mean the best service. So, do some homework before visiting an online gaming site in Australia. See what other players have to say about their experiences. And make sure to check out any customer testimonials. Do not overlook the possibility that the website may be hacked into by hackers or scammers.

In the same vein, when it comes to an “out of state” player, the same general guidelines apply to an “in state” player as well. Stick to reputable sites that run full-scale business affairs. Do not trust an “in person” location with digital currency. And, do not purchase fake identification cards to play in these online bitcoin casino Australia games. Stick to the reputable sites, especially if you have a digital currency as well.

As stated above, Australia is not fully open to the public. However, there are virtual private servers that offer secure, reliable, and fast gaming. In addition, there are now several “out of state” locations that allow you to play in “blockchain games” – which essentially are virtual poker and blackjack online but run on a distributed network that has no known address and allows for all kinds of transfers of funds. As a result, while playing in “out of state” locations may seem inconvenient or even unsafe, the benefits you receive in terms of security and speed far outweighs any negatives. As an added bonus, many of these online bitcoin casinos offer free, no risk and absolutely free real money to play as well!