‘Blessing of the Sun God’

As the Olmecs come from the Americas thought went into what should the Generals attribute be and ’Blessing of the Sun God’ was suggested due to the fact that human sacrifice was practiced in the area at a later date, also disarticulated skulls and femurs as well as complete skeletons of newborn children have been discovered amidst other votive offerings, leading to speculation concerning infant sacrifice, numerous bloodletting instruments have also been found. So a case can be made that the Olmecs could have practiced human sacrifice.

The new rule underwent much discussion with the cost starting at 25 points; any number of re-rolls in one turn, as long as he kept sacrificing his own men; re-roll for every enemy unit destroyed by his army during the last turn, the prisoners would be the sacrifices; another was sacrificing a War Leader to the Sun God for a re-roll at +3, although this one did seem to be suggested with the tongue in check.

Ultimately the following seemed the most sensible:

’Blessing of the Sun God’. This is an optional upgrade for the army Commander, cost 25 points, for this a General would be able re-roll any number of failed command rolls (like with portents) but at the cost of 1 friendly element (not unit), the element is taken from the closes unit each time he tries, the element would be sacrificed to the Sun God and be removed from the table, the general would then be able to continue to rolling his command again is successful. This can only be used on a unit once per turn, but can be used on another units during that turn. The unit the sacrifice comes from must all be totally sacrificed before another unit can be used for sacrificial purposes.