Hinchliffe (part of Hinds Figs.)

A name from years ago, as far as I'm concerned, now under new management.  They still sell their old, very large, range of 25mm figures but have added a range of 10mm Medieval figures, only six in the ranges.

The cavalry figures were Mounted Men-at-arms which came two figure types in the pack and were one piece castings measuring 17mm head to hoof. The infantry were Dismounted Knights with 5 different poses in the pack and they measured 7mm head to toe.

There is no heads on the cavalry lances or on the pike armed infantry but with a little care, and a small pair of pliers, could be made. This manufacturer has been braver than most and tried to make the reins on the horses separate, not like the one piece like other manufacturers with the area between blocked in, its a shame but it has failed on some of the models but on those that it is successful looks great.  The detail on both figures is good.

The infantry figures are well cast with no mould lines that you can see, the detail is good and both cavalry and infantry should paint well. The bases are a reasonable size but could do to be a little larger and thicker, but a minor point.

Figure wise they would blend in with Pendraken but not with Magister Militum, they just are not butch enough.

For those who play a lot the lances and pike will bend and get bent back into shape quite a few time without breaking but I would have been happier if they were a little thicker, but they look fine all except the previously mentioned heads.