Up to circa 1000 BC

By Christof Simmons

This list represents the forces of the Israelites during the conquest of the promised land. It is the era of the first kings of the united kingdom of Israel, at the dawn of the last millenium BC. At this period the Israelite kingdom was constantly trying to expand at cost of its neighbours. The Israelite kingdom had a number of clashes with the Philistines, whilst clashes with nomadic Arab forces and minor kingdoms such as Edom, Moab and Ammon also occurred. The end of this period sees war against the Aramean kingdoms located in present day Syria.

The Israelite army of this age is atypical because its composition doesnít allow any chariots into itís force. This is mainly due to the mountainous heartland in which the young Jewish nation lies. The army is broken up into tribal contingents that furnish bowmen, slinger, light and heavy lancers Ė the former good at fighting individual in difficult terrain, the latter forming a closely arrayed heavy wall of spears.


The early Israelite army has an obvious lack of any fast moving troops but has an abundance of choice amongst itís infantry. As Infantry generally has low points values this will mean that this army will often outnumber their opponents which allows a concentration of troops at the weak point. The heavy spearmen can fix the line allowing the lesser troops to pile in, finishing off the enemy. The selection of infantry allowed does guarantee the ability to create specialised task forces within the army.