3000-750 BC

By Dan Johnson

The tribes of Nubia were a constant source of conflict for the Kingdom of Egypt from earliest times.

Warfare was carried out in both directions, with the Nubians raiding Upper Egypt for food, slaves and probably glory.  While Egypt sought to impose its authority over Nubia to insure peace on its southern border, extract tribute, dominate the valuable trade route along the Nile valley to the interior of Africa and control the valuable mineral resources of Nubia.

At various times during their long association Egypt controlled large areas of Nubia, often regarding it as a province an appointing an Egyptian governor to rule in Pharaoh's name.  However in the eighth century BC these roles were reversed with the Nubian Kingdom of Kush conquering Egypt as far north as the Mediterranean.  This dominance was doomed to be short lived as the Assyrians arrived in 671BC and conquered the ancient Land of the Pharaohs.

The following list provides an interesting opponent for many armies, consisting of large numbers of skirmish infantry