Pendraken have another new range of 10mm figures on offer and this time itís Carthaginians.  The range has 11 different figures, including 4 elephants.

Once again like all the latest from this manufacturer the figures are well cast with no mould lines that you can see, the detail is good & should paint well. The bases are a good size so no problem when basing them to get them to stand up.  The foot figures average 11 1/2mm from head to toe, plus a little more if they have a plume.  The mounted figure is a one piece casting measuring 15mm head to hoof, once again a little larger with the plume. With the elephants measuring mahouts head to the ground 25mm.

The infantry mainly have 2 poses per pack.  One of the elephants is a 3 piece casting, although this fits together well.

The only problems with the figures that I see are:

1/ ACR 1-2 The infantry shields are to small, they would scale up to about 20cm (2ft) when they should be larger about 90cm (3ft). The shields should also be a little concave in the middle.  (Needless to say the cavalry shield should also be a little larger.)
2/ ACR 1 The stance of one of the Citizen spears has his spear right off to the side but this will bend in to make a better pose, the figure that I used to do this to didnít break. (Pendraken have kindly said 'If people prefer one over the other, we can supply just the one pose for them.')
3/ ACR 4 One of the two figures is a kneeling figure which is a shame as most of the wargamers I have met donít like them & it would have been nice to have another standing one. (From Pendraken 'As with the spearmen, we can supply just the one pose if people would prefer that.')
4/ There is no veteran infantry, & tell me a Carthaginian who doesnít field them, which is a shame.
5/ At the moment if you were going to build Carthaginians you would have to use figures from Pendrakenís old Spanish & Gallic ranges, although they hope to have a new range of Spanish out by the start of next year closely followed by a new Gallic range.

If you do decide to purchase these the figures they will paint up & make a very nice army but a little more thought could have made it better.

   ACR1 Foot Command                                ACR3 Citizen Spearmen

ACR5 Iberian Auxiliaries                                    ACR2 Javelinmen                                        ACR4 Light archers

ACR6 Heavy cavalry                                                                ACR7 Numidian cavalry

ACR8 Elephant with crew                        ACR11 Elephant                 ACR9 Elephant with howdah/crew       ACR10 Elephant with rider