Republican Romans

Pendraken have a new range of 10mm figures on offer, Republican Romans, with a range of 10 figures

All the figures are well cast with no mould lines that you can see, the detail is good & should paint well. The bases are a good size so no problem basing them, they will stand up easily not like some figures now on the market.  The foot figures average 11 1/2mm from head to toe.  The mounted figure is a one piece casting measuring 16mm head to hoof.  The infantry mainly have 2 poses per pack.

In the main they do depict troops of the period but:

ARR1 The standard bearer carries what I have always believed to be a 2nd cent. Standard, although the Osprey book does show one from this period carried by the hastati, although it would have been nice that the norm was followed.

ARR2-3-4 The feather plumes at first glance seem very large but in reality not to much larger than most illustrations.

ARR7 heavy archer has no relation to Republican Romans that I know of & would be at home in a late 1st cent. early 2nd cent.  Cretan & later Asiatic archers were more than likely what was fielded.  (I'm given to believe that this figure was produced because of demand for an armoured archer & it was just added to this range not meant for it.)

ARR10 has a standard bearer like the earlier mention infantry standard bearer when I believe they used a vexilla.

These figures would paint up & make a very nice army. If you can accept the above flaws in the figures you will be happy with the army as it is. Personally I would use the standard supplied for the hastate & swap the rest of infantry standards for ASP1 Spanish, Im not sure what the ARP3 Command has in the Old Republican list but this could be used if an animal standard or especially an eagle.  For the cavalry use the one from the ARP5 OLD Republican Roman.

Further to the review one of the local lads wanted the Republican Roman figures to paint. This is the e-mail he sent to me after I asked had he painted them yet: "They are almost done I think I just need to touch them up, if there done in time I'll bring them tomorrow, they painted very very very nice and were wonderful to paint if I was redoing my Republican Roman army I would use these I think as they are very nice."

  ARR 2 Hastatii                                                 ARR 1 Command                                               ARR 3 Principes

ARR 6 Light archers                                            ARR 4 Triarii                                            ARR 7 Heavy archers

      ARR 5 Velites                                                  ARR 8 Slingers                                                ARR 9 Italian Allies

ARR 10 Cavalry