Pendraken Rebublican Romans 2

The figures painted were a mix of both Republican Roman Infantry and some cavalry with all of the castings clear with no flash on them; as is the usual case with figures from this manufacture.

 After sorting through the infantry I based these all upon card strips and commenced painting, they are a nice figures in my option and there are no exception with the lines of the helmet, face, armour and tunic are clearly defined allowing you to pick out these parts with ease meaning that you can spend as much time detailing the figure as you wish. This is rarely seen in some manufactures figures where they are best suited to block painting.

 The designer has made a good range of stances of the figures which are different, interesting, and varied which has led me to base them singular as I think this does them justice and although I have a Republican Roman army in 10mm if starting again I would use these.

 I found only two draw backs from the infantry one is that on a few figures grieves are not defined so I have not painted them, other figures from different manufactures do, maybe this is down to the companyís own artistic license but they still look nice without them.

 On a more serious note the heads are extremely fragile, this is not helped by the large horse hair plums that most have, and I have already lost a few heads due to my clumsiness, and think that unless looked after extremely well it will be this rather than spears breaking that will plague these figures.

 Although I have looked at the cavalry I have yet to paint them, but from the unpainted figures these look nice and come with the standard Pendraken metal spike in the centre of the horse belly, this helps with the casting, which will need to be cut before painting can commence.

 To me the companies choice of pose for the mounted figures is a let down, and at trade shows, in competitions, or even bring and buys I can identify this manufacture by their mounted stands.

 Pendrakenís reply

 Luckily the two main things that are mentioned are issues that have been noticed when casting and photographing the figures.  The designer had not forayed into Ancients before, so these were to an extent, the guinea pig range.  Not to take anything away from the figures, because I really like them, but they do show some teething problems which get ironed out with experience.  Things like the posing for the Italian Allies, or the castability of the slingers, are all things we'll address.

 - The weak heads is more than likely a result of the moulding process, which causes the necks to thin down slightly, so we'll be strengthening those for the next range.

 - With the horse poses, I think we'll be looking to make a new dolly for the galloping pose in particular, to bring it up to our current standards.

So, hopefully we'll be good to go with the next lot of Ancients, which will be Spanish, followed by the Gauls.  The designer is currently doing a Falkland's range for us, but I'd expect to get started on the Spanish before the end of 2012, ready for release early 2013.


What follows are pained figures from the range based on 1p. This I think gives a very good idea of the painting that the detail allows.  Any poor quality is my mine with the photos.