Republican Roman
219-202 BC 

Marc Adda

This list is an expanded version of the Repubican Roman list in Warmaster Ancients and covers the Second Punic War. As well as making allowance for allies in the form of Gauls or Spanish/Numidians, the list introduces some variation in the quality of the legions and a slightly modified Triari and Maniple rule.

The Second Punic War saw the Roman armies badly mauled by the Carthaginians—the result was a redevelopment of the traditional manipular legion with increased emphasis on the close-fighting, pilum armed hastatii and principes. At the same time the Romans were often forced to adopt desperate measures—two legions being formed from freed slaves and prisoners from Rome’s jails.

The army list reflects the variable quality of Rome’s troops and allows players to field a mix of good, bad and indifferent Roman and Italian fighting men. It also allows for the transition from relatively ineffective skirmishing troops to more professional velites available in greater numbers. Three specific options have been added to allow for allies: Gauls, who fought alongside the Romans in Italy; Spaniards who fought in Spain and Africa, and Numidians who fought in Africa.