The Battle of the Sacred Grove AD11

(Teutoburg Wald  revisited)


I Scribus Quickus, late scribe to the Iainus Dickieus, Proconsul of Germania Superior, tell the tale of the invasion of Germania by the aggressive might of Rome against, & the ego of the commander, that inspired the attack on, the peace loving German peoples.


The Romans taking advantage of the peace loving German peoples launched an all out lightning attack & the advance party, led by Iainus himself, seized a sacred grove & dug in throwing up earthworks.


On the day of the battle with the Roman main body advancing the peace loving German peoples launched an attack both to stop the invasion & to re-capture the scared grove.  Iainus was late on the field with his Tribunus, Rickardius Elleto, they had been seen drinking un-watered wine & vast!!! quantities of German beer the night before, thus had been again, like so many times before, been worshipping the porcelain god.


By the time Iainus was taking command of his men Giannus, leading a division of the Allamani, had seized the woods on the advance parties left & would proceed to strike them hard & continue to do so until all were destroyed.


While this was happening Iacobus, commander of the army of the peace loving German peoples, was leading an assault through a hail of bolt throwing missiles & javelins to successfully assault & recapture the earthworks.


The Roman main body led by their senior legate not only failed to support the Pro-consul put cowardly, like many of his type, retired to a line of wooded hills to await attack but in the centre of the peace loving German peoples the Gothi, led by Addy, & that of the Saxones, led by Anton, were lax in their duty although it must be said that Antonís noble cavalry threw themselves though the bow-fire of the Romans mailed knights in waves until all of them & the other Roman cavalry were killed.


On the armies left Nigellus, of the Celti, & Siemon, of the Semnones, fired their bows & launched attack after attack over the river into the heavily armoured Roman Legions & their auxiliaries lining the far side of the river bank.  This was to continue all day with them taking heavy casualties as they slowly worn down the legions until they had all but destroyed them & now had a foot-hold on the Roman side with only fragments of auxiliaries to finish off.


The Romans, under Marcus Littleonius & Benedetto Prillo, had led their men well fighting in the front ranks but it was now with the peace loving Germans peoples firmly on their side of the river did Marcus Littleonius gathering a few surviving cavalry leave his brave colleague & head for safety & the Senate in Rome to tell of his side of the story of the terrible defeat.


Iainus Dickieus seeing the advance party being destroyed now fled to the nearest Roman legionaries & redeemed himself by leading them in repeated attacks against the Gothi who by now were being led forwards by Iacobus of the Allamani. It was now that Giraldo Tresmanius erstwhile leader of the most forward legions left the field of battle for pastures unknown.


Addy now took command of his people & leading them forwards to meet the legions.  Iacobus now rushed forth to move the Saxones into the attack. Here he was to fail with them refused to obey his commands. (Could it be that they were saving their strength so as to take advantage of their now weakened comrades in arms?)


Night was now falling with the peace loving German peoples in command of the battlefield mopping up the remaining pockets of resistance. And the Roman soldiers who had not been killed on the battlefield were dispatched over the nest few days by the small communities of peace loving German peoples that they fled through. The few Roman survivors hope that Iainus Dickieus will do what the Romans considered the honourable thing, otherwise the Emperor will do it.


The participants:

Iain Dickie                    Iainus Dickieus           agressive, egotistical Roman CinC

Richard Ellet                 Rickardius Elleto

Jerry Treman                Giraldo Tresmanius

Ben Prill                       Benedetto Prillo

Mark Littleton              Marcus Littleonius


Jim Brown                    Iacobus            Allamani           peace loving German peoples CinC

Jack Nelson                 Gianni              a division of the Allamani

Adam Warren              Addy               Gothi

Anthony Harding          Anton              Saxones

Simon   Dixon              Siemon            Semnones

Nigel Pell                     Nigellus           Celti