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Useful Blogs

Noshers Wargames Blog  Some info on battles fought using Warmaster Ancients but info on many periods battles that were fought.  07 July 2016

Veni Vidi Vici blog spot    Some info on Warmaster but many other periods covered from Carthaginian to Zulu wars with lots between them plus lots of pretty photos.  05 May 2016

A League of Ordinary Gamers    Info on tactics; counters, & how to make them; info on painting; Warmaster Fantasy army lists; information on many periods: Napolionic, Pirates, WWII etc.

The Ancient Track    Info on High Elves, Epic, drawings of 40k figures, plus interests in modelling, weird fiction all illustrated with many pictures.

Brumbaer’s Homepage    Warmaster battle reports, army lists , useful downloadable army list generators, articles on tactics, tournament write-ups, and painting guides. Both fantasy and ancients versions covered.

Grand Scale Wargaming       Links & interviews etc

TGN Blog Network    Battle reports, postings of allsorts & links all Warmaster Ancients.

Warmaster Ancients « The Battlegames Blog  If you want info on painting figures here's some help.

Warmasterdk      Warmaster Ancients & fantasy battle reports. Lots of info.

Warmaster Downunder    Lots of photos of figures from Australia and New Zealand.


Los Acólitos del Señor de la Guerra  This is a Spanish forum. Much of the site can be found in English with a search on Google.

Middle Earth Warmaster Yahoo Group    Yahoo Group dedicated to the Battle of Five Armies games. Lots of developmental ideas and army lists. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable supporters.

Pendraken Miniatures Forum  The figure manufacturers Miniatures Forum.

The Specialist Arms Forum    Warmaster and other rules forum: Space Hulk, Blood Bowl etc.

Warmaster-Fr  This is a French group, Google has translated this page.

Warmaster Ancients Yahoo Group   Best place on the web for discussing Warmaster Ancients.

Warmaster Yahoo Group    Large and very well supported Yahoo group for the original Warmaster game.

Warmuster    Warmaster Fantasy rules and lists including player created errata, updates, and army lists.

Wysoki Zamek-Warmaster    This is a Polish group, Google has translated this page.

Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society  An American group based in Utah, USA.

Warmaster for free

You can download the updated version of the Warmaster Fantasy rulebook, the supplement Warmaster Armies, and all the extra army lists from Games Workshop for free. Here.

Games Workshop’s support site for the original Warmaster game. This includes the free downloadable updated ruleset and updated army lists for Skaven, Lizardmen, Bretonnians, Kislevites, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, and Daemons, plus the FAQ and Errata can be found Here.

Incidentally—you can also find the original Mighty Empires campaign system rules as a pdf—in the Warhammer section Scroll down to ‘Mighty Empires Rules pdf’. Here. And my article on building and converting the new plastic tiles Here.