What follow here are some useful links to Warmaster manufacturers of 6mm and 10mm figure army models plus wagons, civilian, and buildings.

10mm figure manufacturers

Adler 200                          10mm range just starting at the moment some Gauls.

Copplestone Castings        Fantasy range, with some usable ancients, 10mm figures.

Displaced Miniatures         10mm Romans and Germans.

Eureka Miniatures              Their own 10mm fantasy range plus Irregular Miniatures 10/12mm and 6mm ancients to medieval.

Games Workshop              A 10mm fantasy range that had usable ancients figures, not sure they are still available.

Hinchliffe Models               A small range of 100 years war figures.

Irregular Miniature            Quite a large range 10/12mm figures ancients to medieval, also a 6mm range.

Kallistra                            As well as 10/12mm fantasy they have some nice medieval armies to their growing range.

Magister Militum               Large and growing range of 10mm figures ancients and medieval.

Obelisk Miniatures            A range of fantasy 10mm figures.  Some Conquistador figures with some interesting naked, bow armed, females.

Old Glory US                    A large range of 10mm figures in strips, many lances/pikes have to be added.

Old Glory UK                   ditto

Pendraken                         A large range of 10mm figures ancients to medieval.

Perrin Miniatures               A small 10mm range Romans, Germans and Dacians.

Steve Barber Models         Romans, Numidians, Parthians and Sumerians 12mm figures.

The Baggagetrain              10mm Normans, Numidian, Dacians, Sarmations and Gaul figures.

TB Line - Italian                 A 10mm range covering Iberians, Numidian, Carthaginian, Romans, Gauls and Mongols.

Van Dyck Models              A small range of 10mm Early Imperial Romans.

Warrior Miniatures             A small range of 10mm fantasy figures.


6mm figure manufacturers

Baccus 6mm                      A growing range of 6mm ancients.

Heroics & Ros                   6mm Ancients and Medieval range.

Irregular Miniature              Also a 6mm range, and a 2mm range, with scenery and accessories.

Rapier Miniatures               Again a growing range of 6mm ancients.

6mm/10mm building, equipment & transfer manufacturers

Baccus                                6mm scenery, buildings and animals.

Brumbaer's Paperware        Free 10mm building gifs.

Field Works                        10/12mm buildings.

Heroics & Ros                    6mm siege equipment plus terrain.

Hovels                                 10mm scenery and buildings.

Irregular Miniatures             10mm scenery, buildings and animals.

Kallistra                               Hexagon terrain system, 10/12mm siege equipment and animals.

Kerr & King                        10mm resin Arab buildings.

Magister Militum                  10mm Animals, civilians and vignettes.

Old Glory UK                     10mm ancient & medieval buildings.

The Baggagetrain                 6-10mm terrain, roads, rivers and fields plus Roman shield transfers.

TimeCast                             6mm and 10mm buildings suitable for ancient and medieval battlefields.

Total Battle Miniatures         6mm & 10mm buildings and accessories.

Van Dyck Models               10mm Roman roads.

Veni Vidi Vici                      10mm shield transfers for Greeks, Romans and Medievals.