What follows are variants of the rules, scenarios and terrain, some are Warmaster while others are Warmaster Ancients:

American Civil War: by John L. Martin                                         ACWarmaster

American Civil War campaign rules: by John L. Martin               ACWarmaster campaign rules

American Civil War scenario: by John Kirkwood                         Silence those cannons
                                                  by Robert S. Waller                       Courthouse Hill
                                                  by Robert S. Waller                       Maps & troops for the above

American War of  Independence: by Bob Barnetson                    Two for Tea

AWI scenarios: by Bruce McFarlane & Bob Barnetson                  Battle of Brandywine
                           by Bob Barnetson                                                 Guilford Courthouse, Camden & Monmouth

Buildings: by Karl Hietserman                                                         Warmaster_Buildings

Colonial: by Tony Barr                                                                    Colonial  Warmaster

Dark ages scenario: by Paul Leach for Wargames Illustrated          Battle of Brunanburh

English Civil War: by Jimi Tubman                                                 Are ye for King or Parliament
                               by Pictors Studio                                               Warmaster ECW
                               by David Black                                                 This Accursed Civil War

Fantasy: by Ken South                                                                   Battle of Dol Gulder
by Ken South                                                                  Battle of the Five Armies
 by Ken South                                                                  Azhag the Slaughterer
                by Ken South                                                                  Campaigns of legend 06 November 2016
by Christopher Watney                                                    Having Fun With Dwarves
 by Matt Keefe and Ken South                                         Using alternative armies24 August 2016

Franco-Prussian Rules: by Matt Dower                                       Franco-Prussian Warmaster

Franco-Prussian War: by Nick Whittock                                      Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871

Genghis Con 2010 scenarios: by Chris Matney & Dragonsford    Warmaster Tourney - Genghis Con 2012

Medieval-Dark Ages: by Luke Nicholas                                      Ancient-Master_Medieval and Dark-Ages Army Lists

Napoleonics: by Karl Hietserman                                                  Napoleonic Warmaster
                       by Herbert Wong                                                     March Towards the Sound of Guns

Renaissance: by Tony Barr                                                           Renaissance Commander
                       by Karl Hietserman                                                  Renaissance Master
                       by Karl Hietserman                                                  Renaissance Master army lists

Renaissance Supplement:
by Tim Fox                                         Warmaster Renaissance Supplement

Samurai: by Robert S. Waller                                                        Sengoku Japan Warmaster Rules
                by John Shirley                                                               Sengoku Period Japanese 1467-1638
                by John Shirley                                                               Warmaster_Samurai_Scenarios

Seven Years War: by George Wellington & Nick Swales              Seven Years Warmaster

Terrain: by Karl Hietserman                                                          Warmaster Terrain

Warmaster Mini: by Donald Acker                                              Warmaster Mini

Warmaster Ancients Fantasy Campaign: by Matt Arsik             By The Sword                              

Warmaster Campaign: by William Hughes                                    Mighty Empires 17 September 2016

WOTR: by Neil Houltby & Darrell Redford of the LMWS             Wars of the Roses Warmaster Rules
                                                                                                       Army list