I have been wargaming for about 40 years now and during that time have used rules by Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone, Tony Bath and George Gush just to mention a few. Alone & with others I have produced & had published wargames rules so know a little about them. For many years I played Wargames Research Group rules progressing from 3rd - 7th edition Ancients and 1st & 2nd edition Renaissance.

My preferences are for ancients gaming but in addition I also wargame lots of other stuff including Medieval, Renaissance, chariot racing, gladiatorial, English Civil War, WWII, even lately some Zulu wars & I will happily play board & card games.

Due to the unavailability of certain commercial figures, especially many years ago, for 30-35 years I have produced wargames figures for myself.  I have just finished modelling, producing molds, casting & painting 2 different confusion markers for use with Warmaster Ancients as well as a 10mm wagon with three different tops in a 2 wheel & 4 wheel version, as well as some fencing.  (Wheels  & wagon spars are from Magister Militum, I'm lucky they live close & are friendly enough cast me a few spares.) (How to cast your own.)

This will give an idea about my experience in wargaming, for what its worth. Like Rick you will see me gaming Warmaster Ancients at shows like Salute & in competitions at Devizes & at Nottingham, when they held them there. So, you if you arrive bearing gifts, beer is a good one, come and bend my ear with your ideas.

Jim Brown