Van Dyck

Early Imperial Romans

A new ‘kid on the block’ as far as being a figure manufacturer goes, with a brand new web-page to support the production.  They are a father and son team with the father, Louis Van Dyck, doing the moulding and casting with the son, Kris Van Dyck, the fine detail on the figures.

Legionaries of the Early 1st Century AD and Auxiliary Infantry of the Mid 1st Century AD, with their supporting Signifiers and Cornicen player.

The figures are exquisite, the only word for them, when I asked him how he does it I was told ‘About the detail on my figurines I can tell you I don't work with "green stuff" or any other soft material to start with, I use old-fashioned milliput and let it harden out first. When the milliput has hardened I start cutting, with a lot of practice this allows me to put a lot of detail in them. All this detail has one big downside also, it takes me much more time to make one master this way, and I think most sculptors won't have the appetite for that.’  Well having worked with milliput I still cant see how he does it.

The figures are two piece castings measuring 12mm head to toe.  No cavalry figures have been sent for review, I assume that they will be released at a later date. The shields being separate will allow the expert painters free rein but I would find them hard work to attach. (I am informed that the next figures to be produced are a scorpio, and crew, followed by an ox wagon, the scorpio and the wagon are already made but await the oxen and the crew for the scorpio. Along with expanding the ranges of this Roman army will also be their enemies starting with Germans.)

The infantry figures have extremely good detail and are well cast with no mould lines at all and thin round bases to fit into plastic bases that can be purchase from the manufacturer, the stand up fine by themselves with no filing down at all.

For those who play a lot while the spear and pilum are very thin they will bend and get bent back into shape quite a few time without breaking but I would have been happier if they were a little thicker, but not tree trunks like some on the market. (Here the designer has gone for ‘proportionate and anatomically correct as my hands could master so I had to decide whether I would do the same with their weapons, in which case I knew they would turn out thin.’)

Figure wise they would blend in with Pendraken but not with Magister Militum, they just are not butch enough.

These figures would paint up well and make a very nice army, I even have friends already after the review figure because they are so good.

The base is 20mm x 40mm has hole for 10 figures, thus for use with Warmaster Ancients, and the figures fit in with no problem what so-ever. The bases are provided in the packs.

Also sent were two pieces of plastic Roman road these are a tight 40mm wide x 90mm long and fit together perfectly, see photo for how good, thus allowing those who wish to have some roads the opportunity to purchase some.

Officers front

Officers back

Legionaries both

Auxiliaries both

The six different Standard Bearers

The three different shields

The basing system

Cross section of the road showing the join