Van Dyck

Ox Wagon

Once again the father and son team of Louis & Kris Van Dyck have produced an excellent addition to their range of figures and this time itís beautiful wagons.


These wagons are shown as three different types, but all can be provided with the wheels of your choice either the two different sized spoked wheels, solid wheels or with one sized spiked wheel.


Wagons A and B are supplied with two different sized amphora, 12 in total, there are four barrels for the other wagon. Also the wagons come with a choice of drivers this being two early 1st to Mid 1st Century AD Romans or two men in tunics, the men in the tunics could be any period you wish.


The wagon itself is in 10 pieces, the barrel wagon would be 8, plus the oxen and drivers. This could be a little bit fiddly for someone who is a little bit clumsy, but would be well worth the effort in the end.


All the pieces are very well cast with no flash or pouring holes what-so-ever anywhere on them, how on earth they do that I have no idea. They would blend in with most 10mm ranges & will sure look good painted.


The photos have been kindly sent to me by the manufacturer, as has the review copy.