We would like to challenge any group of WMA players to a large game. This is something we did a lot with WRG rules, & had an enormous amount of fun, so would like to start the same in WMA.

There would most likely be four of us as generals running the visiting army. This to be held on your ground, but you could visit us if you wish.

We live at Bournemouth so anything within about 100 miles we would do in a day but further, say 200 miles, could also be arranged for a weekend. For that we would arrive one day for an evening meal, a couple of pints, & a silly card game or two. The big game to be on the following day, as early as possible due to our long drive home. We are open to any ideas you might have over this.

The game to be about 3000 points, more or less if you so wish, with an agreed army for both sides using the WMA army lists, with any modifications to lists or rule changes that could be agreed upon, also those lists on the Rick's Warmaster site could be used if both sides agree. (The Teutonics army list springs to mind with that needs modifications.) Depending on your army choice we might be able to help if you are short of figures to field.

Terrain to be as per the WMA rules, unless we can agree to something else, or we have a terrain list that we could die for to produce what is required.

We are sure that there are some groups out there only to happy to have this type of wargame so get in contact & lets start to get things organized just e-mail us!